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         In my work I demonstrate the beauty and resilient optimism of Brazilian culture. At the moment, the Brazilian economy is in bad shape. Many Brazilians are feeling sad and discouraged and we see the negative impact that these feelings and this recession have had on Brazil’s festivals. People have become more resigned to the reality of the situation, causing them to lose touch with the optimistic and abundant culture that defines my country. I don’t want the viewer to see the world they live in while looking at my art. Instead, I want the viewer to feel like they are in another world, one where happiness, hope and optimism are still abundant, things I think most Brazilians these days have forgotten.  My work will serve to remind the viewer of Brazilian culture, one that anyone from around the world can identify with.

          My compositions portray landscapes, icons, and cultural festivals in unique angles and simplified forms by using color and shape. I stylize and adapt visuals to document my way of perceiving Brazil in a very abstract and colorful manner. Color has the ability of portraying the complexity of the world, while also having the potential of being distinct to a cultural and personal identity. The colors I use are personal, reflecting the vibrant optimistic memories that I identify with these landscapes and cultural festivals. Through my work, I demonstrate another world, where happiness, hope and optimism are abundant. Through my own style of color, markers, outlines, and semi-abstract forms, I am able to demonstrate my happy and optimistic identity, while also demonstrating what Brazil means to me.

Cornell Fine Arts Museum
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
April 2016
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