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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I spent most of my childhood until moving to Orlando, Florida in 2010. Coming from a creative family of architects, I developed an early passion for the field, especially for how architecture unites art and construction to build a world of spatial beauty.

As an undergraduate student, I studied fine arts at Rollins College and was able to see the incredible applications art has in the real world. I strived to learn more about architectural concepts and details and the way architecture synthesizes artistry and vision in a realistic, three-dimensional way. Now as a graduate student in architecture at the University of Florida CityLab-Orlando, I am working towards my licensure in architecture.

The next pages highlight a little of my scholarly and professional work and how I explore research, experimentation, and collaboration inside and outside of traditional design fields.

Caroline Arrigoni

+1 (321) 230 0195

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